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Region: This rich heritage of over six millennia of wine making traditions together with the strict EU wine regulations make of Brestovitsa Winery a high-rated producer of quality wines.

Terroir: Humid continental climate. Although the area soils are mainly clay, most of our vineyards are actually calcareous

Vine harvest: The wine – cellar processes excellent hand – picked grapes, witch ferment according to the classical technology for high – quality wines

Vinification: Our wines are a fermentation product of all-natural grape juice after going on sorting lines and separation of clusters.
Alcohol fermentation takes place in steel fermenters with 65m ³ size The process includes extended maceration and uder pressure fermentation

About the brand: MAXIMINUS THRAX (173-238) was the only Thracian who rose from a volunteer in the Roman armi to an Emperor of Rome. This wine carries on the giory and traditions of the Thracians.

Wine notes: Deep red in colour. This wine has intense fruit flavors reminiscent of black cherries, currants, and blackberries. On the palate it is rich and opulent. Chewy tannins. Pairs wonderfully with dolmas (minced beef and rice stuffed cabbage).
Grape Family: Mavrud
*Mavrud is unique grape variety common only to the region of Thrace in Bulgaria.

Varieties in %: MAVRUD 100%

Vintage: 2012

Acquired alcohol content: 13.50%

Date of harvest: Septemper/October 2012

Wine appelation: Protected Geographical Indication, Thracian Valley