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Regional Vine and Wine Chamber Trakia (RVWC)

Regional Vine and Wine Chamber (RVWC) "Trakia" is an association - a legal non-profit entity established as interprofessional organization under the Wine and Spirits in conjunction with Art. 38, par. 1, point 5 of the national law for non-profit organizations. The Chamber covers the vineyards area, including lands, growers and traders of grapes and the wine region of western Thrace within the limits set by the National Vine and Wine Chamber. The territorial jurisdiction of RVWC Trakia includes: Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Smolyan. RVWC Trakia operates in compliance with the resolutions of the General Assembly of the National Vine and Wine Chamber.

RVWC members produced 2017 94.1 % PDO(1.354 hl) and 72.8% PGI(16.546.87 hl) of the Mavrud variety (a unique variety at European level) from the total national productionof PDO Mavrud at 1,343.61 hl and PGI Mavrud at 21,399.85 hl. which makes the RVWC Trakia the most representative national organization for PDO/PGI wines produced from the Mavrud variety.

In the territory of RVWC Trakia there are 5 786 registered producers of wine grapes (natural and legal persons) and 58 winemakers.Ιn Bulgaria the 66.33% of the vineyards are of black grape varieties while the rest 33.63% are white grape varieties. The territories that RVWC represents, sum the 41.692% of the national vineyards with black grape varieties and the 14.52% of the vineyards with white grape varieties.

RVWC Trakia is a very proactive organization that works directly with its chamber members and other local and international partners for the continual development of the Bulgarian wine industry. These initiatives include local promotional activities, such as; wine tourism, special events and wine celebrations, and promotional activities for all aspects of the wine industry to European and other world communities.

In following this rich heritage of over six millennia of wine making traditions, history and mythology, Bulgarian wine producers to represent their wine culture and high standards to local and world markets. These standards, founded historically and reinforced by both European and world production technologies, are reflected in all aspects of grape and wine production from the caring of vineyards to final results of quality Bulgarian wines.